New language rules for Canada citizenship become effective

So, all aspirants of Canada citizenship will have to fulfill new requirements for language proficiency in Canada.

New Canada citizenship requirements effective November—As per the announcement made by Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney on 28th September this year, Canada will have new stricter requirements for aspiring Canadian citizens.

All applicants from 1st November onwards will have to fulfill following to become Canada citizens.

The new language requirements for Canada citizenship applicants will be required to–

• Possess adequate knowledge of either French;

•Or English (i.e. any of the two official languages of Canada).

So, applicants will be required to furnish evidence or proof of their language abilities in English or French at the time of applying for Canada citizenship.

Any application not submitting the required proof or evidence of language ability along with Canada citizenship application will get his or her application rejected. The requirement is meant for applicants aged 18 and 54 years.

What is adequate knowledge?—Adequate knowledge of official language means the applicant must be able to understand as well as speak basic questions and statements in either English or French, states Paragraph 5(!)(D) of the Citizenship Act(R.S.C., 1985, c. C-29).

Prior to the changes becoming effective 1st November this year, applicants for Canada citizenship were selected on the basis of a written Canada citizenship test.

In case of failing to clear the Canada citizenship written test, applicant was required to clear an oral interview held with any Canada citizenship judge.

It may be worth mentioned that for the knowledge of the applicants for Canada citizenship, some basic information is mentioned on the application form for Canada citizenship itself.

Such information is provided by Canada immigration department-CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) for the benefit of Canada citizenship applicants.

Which are the acceptable proofs of language abilities for Canada citizenship applicants

These include any of the following

• Proof of completion of a post-secondary or secondary education in French or English; or

• Proof of getting appropriate language level in any language training programs funded by government; or

• Any CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)-approved test conducted by third-party.