New income rules for Dutch immigration

In addition, the new income requirements will be applicable to applicants of EU Blue Card, the IND(Dutch Immigration authority) stated.

New income rules for Dutch immigration 2013—Revised income requirements have been revealed by IND to become effective from 1st January, 2013. These will be for high-skilled migrants and holders of EU Blue Cards.

New income requirement for high-skilled foreigners is going to be reviewed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment each year based on the latest index data for Collective Labor Agreement wages.

Referred to in the Netherlands as the income requirement, the new gross annual income of any foreign national is stated below.

Following are the income requirements-

• For highly-skilled immigrants aged below 30 years, income requirement is : € 38,141(equivalent to $50,282 US dollars);

• For highly skilled immigrants aged 30 and above, income requirement is : € 52,010(equivalent to $68,565 US dollars);

• For EU(European) Blue Card Holder, income requirement is: € 60,952(equivalent to $80,354 US dollars);

• For persons having graduated in the Netherlands, income requirement is : € 27,336(equivalent to $36,037).

Who will be affected by new income requirements—Latest income requirements announced by Dutch immigration authority will affect foreigners hailing from non-EEA(European Economic Area) wanting to come and work in the Netherlands as high-skilled immigrants, foreign university students having graduated in Netherlands and to get employed as High-skilled migrants as well as those having an EU Blue Card.

So, with effect from 1st January, 2013, the IND ruling will be applicable to applications received on or after 1st January, 2013 for a Regular Provisional Residence Permit or MVV(Multi-entry visa) or EU Blue Card.

And as regards any acceptance of applications before 1st January, 2013, income rules 2012 will be applicable.

Moreover, applications for renewal of existing residence and work permits for the above mentioned categories need to fulfill the new salary requirements in the Netherlands.

Who are not governed by new income requirements—

Following are unaffected by new income requirements in the Netherlands—

• Doctors undergoing training for becoming specialists; and

• Employees performing scientific research.

However, a point worth notable here is that the above mentioned employees will have to satisfy condition of the Minimum Wage Act.