The new immigration rules for international students designed to curb fraudsters

This is a well-known fact that Canada is a hub for international students and it is known to be friendly too. It is evident from many surveys done in the field of leading destination for international students and Canada’s rank is getting better and better day by day. Federal government of Canada wants to bring certain changes in the immigration rule for the international students.

Why the federal government wants change in the immigration law for international students?
Series of changes were announced on 12th of February by the federal government in order to protect Canada’s reputation across the world. This was done to curb the fraud cases related with student visa. Many cases came into the light regarding fraudulent cases in student visa where students were made to pay a lot of money and they got misled.

What are the other benefits of this new immigration rules?

This new series of rules introduced by the Canadian government will not only filter the fraud activity but also improve the service to the genuine international student.

Students will be far more protected than they used to be earlier. Greater accountability will come into the present system and this will lead to standardization.

What are the differences in new and old rules and regulations?
Initially applicant for study permit had to show that they intend or have plans or objectives to study in Canada but according to new regulations the applicant must enrol and continue with their studies. If they are found not obeying the regulation then they will be deported.
Study permit will only be issued to those who are admitted to that institution which are authorized by the provincial and territorial government which is completely different from the old regulation which permitted applicant to study at any educational institution they wish to.

Initially work permit was required for 20 hours a week off campus work but in new regulation student will automatically get that. Now they don’t have to apply for work permit during their course.
Earlier visitors were not allowed to apply for study visa but now they can .They just have to fulfill certain criteria stated by federal government.

Many more regulations are also been added like foreign student who are for short courses like for six months or less than six month doesn’t need study permit. According to the new regulations, territorial and provincial government is responsible for education. So all the educational institution who wish to enroll foreign students need to get designated by territorial and provincial government.

What happens to those who are already under old regulations?
Students under old regulation will follow the old regulation and they will get only three years maximum to complete their course after the new regulation will be on effect and that starts from 1st of June 2014.

The series of new regulation will definitely raise the standard of Canada as a leading destination for foreign students. These rules certainly give Canada a better impression on world platform.