New immigration rules in Canada- Feasible?

Immigration minister of Canada, Jason Kenny has presented the annual report for the coming level of immigration in the year 2013. The report, which was presented in the parliament, clearly stated that, the level of immigrants would be the same for national and foreign citizens getting their PRs. The new reforms, which are to be implemented from 2013, will help in shaping the fiscal year of Canada. In the report, which was submitted by Kenny, had the figures of new visas for permanent resident that will be issued. It is the seventh successive where targets for immigration have been set.

Overall goals for immigration will stay the same except for some programs, which has been adjusted to some changes. Quota for CEC or Canadian express class has been increased ten thousand for the coming year. Kenny said, “The raise in CEC will assist the workers and foreign students in Canada to attain Canadian residence.”

Levels, which has been changed

Federal skilled class or FSWC is one of the biggest steps towards attaining residents of Canada. The target of immigration has been decreased to fifty five thousand for the year 2013. With the change in level, applicants have already started planning their applications, as competition will get tough.

Third largest program for residency in Canada QSW or Quebec Skilled Worker will keep their target for the year 2013 same as 2012. The program is currently accepting submissions from experienced personals under the one hundred and ten fields of training and study.

Certain set of criteria has also been fixed and determined by the FSWC for the year 2013. The new system of points was declared in August 2012, which will come in force from 1 January 2013. The list of important credentials has already been put on the official websites for the candidates who are applying under the FSWC program 2013.

Expert opinion

Jason Kenny, the immigration minister of Canada has stated, “Article submitted to parliament is an uneven draft and the clear picture will be presented soon by the mid of January 2013.” For changes in the level of immigration target, experts have stated that, it will be benefiting various foreign nationals who are working and studying in Canada to attain a permanent resident. Online assessment forms are available online which are largely taken into use for knowing if a person is eligible under the programs offered for getting a Canadian permanent resident.