New guidelines for UK Tier-4 Visa, family matters

So, lets see these issues in detail here for getting adequate and latest knowledge with regard to UK immigration changes.

UK Tier 4 visa changes—Changes have been introduced to UK Tier 4 visa route by the UK government in yet another latest development. The British High Commission has issued a guideline with regard to the UK Tier-4 visa route.

The UK has announced new guidelines pertaining to UK Tier 4 Student visa route and immigration rules pertaining to family issues.

Briefing on this matter, Claire Murray, Head of Visas and Immigration of the British High Commission, said the the UK still welcomes genuine foreigners wanting to study in the UK. The UK aims to attract the best foreigners wishing to study in the UK.

Each year, an increasingly large number of foreigners apply for UK student visas. And this is especially true during summers as the season for beginning new UK study courses is in the months of September and October every year.

UK visa, immigration issues concerning family matters updated—The UK government has also made a couple of changes regarding UK immigration issues concerning family matters. As per the details, new rules will be helpful for UK immigration officials wanting to decide whether to grant leave for remaining in the UK as a parent or a partner on a UK 5-year route or UK 10-year route.

Also, the UK has changed requirement for English language for aspirants wanting leave to remain in the UK. The UK immigration route selected by the applicant directly affects how he or she can make an application for settling in the UK permanently—

• 2 years for those selecting the 2-year route;

• 5 years for those opting for 5-year route;

• 10 years for those optiong for 10-year route.

Also, an applicant has the ability to either get an extension or make switch over in any of the above stated immigration routes subject to fulfilment of eligibilty criteria and getting a nod from the UK officials. Following are the exceptions to the above rule—

• If you are on a visitor visa;

• For a period of less than six months duration(unless your UK visa is for getting married/becoming civil partners).

• You are on a temporary admission/release(without possessing a visa) unless you make an application for a UK 10 year route.