New fees for UK visas, immigration, other services

In addition, the government also introduced changes to UK fees for nationality applications, immigration and other related premium services as well.

Changes to UK visa, immigration fees—New UK visa fees will become effective, as per the latest announcement by the UK government. Fees for UK immigration services and for nationality applications will also be changed.

UK government announced new fees structure for UK visas, UK immigration and other UK premium services.

Details of new UK visa, immigration fee changes—As per the detailed information, there is going to be an increase of 4 percent in different fees. And this will include a fee hike in majority UK work visas, UK study visas, UK settlement visas and UK short term visitor visas.

In addition, there will be changes to some other UK immigration and UK visa categories too as far as the new UK visa fee changes are concerned. New UK visa fees—

• An increase of 4 percent in UK short-term visit visas, UK work visas, UK settlement visas and UK study visa fees.

• No change in UK applicant visas fee for all dependants.

• New UK priority postal service fees is now £300.

• Changed UK direct air-side transit visa will go down to £40.

• New in-person application fees will now increase to £40.

• The UK government also announced a new registered traveller fee once the scheme or the program is effective.

• The fee for 10-year long term visit visa is now frozen at £737.

• There is going to be a single global fee for various optional premium services for any applications made from outside the UK.

And the government also announced expansion of many services like a super priority visa service for £600(in just 24 hours), £300 for priority settlemetn applications, £100 for three-to-five day priority visa services.

• A new fees has been introduced for Tiers 2 shortage occupations. This is for overseas applicants and those in the UK. This fee will be £428.

• There will also be a new fee for 5-year Tier 2 general and ICT applications.

Aimed to offer better customer services—Aim of such increased UK visa and UK immigration fees is, nonetheless, to offer enhanced customer services. And those who benefit most from the UK immigration and UK visa services are more likely to be affected by the fee hike, affirmed an official spokesperson of the UK immigration department.

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