New Easier UK Work Visa Rules for Australians

Yes, this is quite true. New simpler UK visa rules will help Australians to get jobs in the UK.

Simpler UK Work Visa rules for Australians—The UK is going to ease work visa rules to help Australians get UK work permits for working here. This has been revealed by the UK PM Tony Abbott. A new UK visa deal between the UK and Australia is being worked out currently.

And this will enable Australians live and work in the UK. What a wonderful opportunity for Australians aspiring to work in the UK.

Australians will be glad to know that easier UK Work visa rules will facilitate them to work in the UK now.

Reversing tougher UK visa norms–Its being hoped that the latest new deal will facilitate in reversing the UK visa policy that led to discrimination against non-EU nationals. The EU norms enable European citizens a free flow in the UK for employment opportunities there.

And as a result, the UK was forced to cut down on the skilled foreign workers from outside Europe to just 20,000. This resulted in a fall of 50 percent in the number of Australians coming to work in the UK.

Special status to Australians--So, a special status is being offered to Australian citizens by the UK in the latest visa policy. And this will, its being hoped, bring to an end, the restrictions for Australians wanting to come, live and work in the UK, a government source has maintained.

The draft for facilitating Australians to work in the UK is likely to be completed by the end of this year. The visa issue has been already discussed with Boris Johnson, London Mayor.

And UK PM David Cameron is being lobbied by Mr. Johnson for allowing Australians to given a different UK migration category.

A significant decline was witnessed in the number of Australians coming to live and work in the UK in the last couple of years. The number of Australians living in the UK has gone down to 26,000(as per the figures for the year 2011) from 40,000 in the year 1999. And this is being linked directly to the discriminatory UK work visa policies against Australian nationals.