New Costa Rica law for visa overstay

As per the details, the new law has become effective from 1st August this year.

New Costa Rica visa rules—New norms have been announced for Costa Rica visas. The details reveal that Costa Rica will have a new law for those found to be overstaying their Costa Rica visa. A fine of $100 a month will be imposed on anyone overstaying his or her Costa Rica visa.

Costa Rica Visa misusers should now be ready to face fines for overstaying their visas as the new rules for Costa Rica visas have become effective from August this year.

Announcement about the new fines has been made by Director General for Migration and Immigration on 1st August, 2014.

Costa Rica Fines--Anyone overstaying Costa Rica visa shall be liable to get debarred from gaining reentry into the nation for a time period equal to three times the overstay period.

To be clear, if anyone overstays his or her Costa Rica visa by two months, he or she will get debarred from entering the nation for six months and will have to pay a fine of $200.

Employers whose workers are in the domestic service or in construction are liable to face fines in case they are unable to provide proof of their workers’ legal residency status.

Revealing details about the fines, General Director of Migration, Kathya Rodriguez, said that the fines will be anything between ¢798.800 to ¢4,8 million for any misuse of the rules.

Businesses in agricultural sector will have to put themselves on a special register until 31st January, 2015. Fines need to be paid within a period of 48 hours prior to departing or exiting the nation at any branch of BCR(Banco de Costa Rica).

Renew visas to avoid fines—Its being advised by Costa Rica immigration officials that those overstaying their visas must hurry to get their visas renewed or get their immigration status changed by August end if they want to avoid making fines payments.

For the information of all those in the nation after the expiration of their visas, its being stated that there is no need for paying $100 a month as fine for the period before the law became effective.

So, it is being clarified that the first fines will be coming into place beginning 1st September, 2014.

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