New Canadians threatened of deportation

A report has revealed that a set of scamsters are prepared to prey upon the new Canadians who are not complete in terns of paper work. They are introducing themselves as Immigration lawyers and are asking the new arrivals to submit a huge amount of money against the missing set of papers.

The Threat

The miscreants are supposedly calling up the new immigrants and informing that they failed to submit all the required documents hence they have to pay a penalty to meet out the fault.

They are also scaring the new immigrants about court case which is round the corner; hence to avoid the same and not to get deported, they are supposed to pay a fine to an immigration lawyer recommended by the caller.

There are people who have come here may be a decade back and got the citizenship status may be more than five year back. Now they are told that they either have to back to their home countries for filling up a form or they have to avoid this by paying money to the Immigration lawyers.

They are also informed a particular date when their court case is due in the higher Court.

The penalty

The miscreants are quoting a price as high as more than $2,000 to meet out the case. If such an amount is not given to the lawyers, then the immigrant might be deported back to his home country after being convicted.

The immigrants were also threatened of losing their assets in Canada and they would be blacklisted.

The disclosure

When some of the people reported such phone call to the concerned department, then it was revealed that there is no such case against the caller and no papers are yet to be filled. Also when the address and office action of these people were verified it was found to be all fake.

In order to come to Canada, Immigrants have to undergo a lot of paper work. A lot many formalities are to be met by the applicants. Once they are done with the same they come here and start settling down. After a few years of this, if they receive a phone call by a so called “immigrant lawyer".

Then their anxiety is well understood. However, one has to verify the details of phone calls received before making any payment to a new person.

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