New Canadians continue to grow numerically in the country

More than 19,000 people, representing more than 190 countries have become citizens of Canada.

The process has been completed at ceremonies held at various places all across the country, and not way ago but in February of this year.

The rise in numbers
Experts believe that this number has gone up by 100 per cent in compared to the same period in 2013. That was the time when a little less than 1,000 people had sworn in as Canadian citizens.

Ceremonies were organised at more than 200 places which included places like schools, halls and hotels and various others too.

The rise in Calgary

In the month of April, Calgary is reported to welcome as many as more than 1200 newest Canadians by organizing local ceremonies.

The new Canadians belong to almost 100 different countries. It is also to be noted that last year during the same period a little less than 3000 new citizens were welcomed by Calgary, and this year it is almost four times.

During a period of January to March the county welcomed as high as a little below 80,000 new Canadians.

The indication
Growth in number indicates a strong system in place in the country. Citizenship and Immigration Canada expresses that the system would emerge out to be even stronger if Bill C-24 is implemented.

Chris Alexander expresses his happiness over the increasing numbers as he believes that it is a demonstration of the fact that the efforts of strengthening the system and cutting upon the processing time is being dealt with quite effectively.

He also believes that by introducing an amended Bill C-24 the processing time would be reduced even further. In fact, if the system works well then an applicant can be confident of seeing his application being processed in even less than one year too.

The outcome
With a reduced processing time, there would be a large number of people coming from foreign lands accomplishing their dream of becoming a Canadian.

The changes in Bill C-24 would actually streamline the process of decision making and hence it is also known as “Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act”.

Another important value of the changes would be that the backlog at the moment would come down by 80% only in a year or two.

Important figures
When the data of last few months is studied well, it would be learnt that the country awarded citizenship to as many as 10,500 people and a little more every month in 2013.

As of now more than 40,000 people have become new Canadians, this year. All this strengthens the fact that Canada has the highest rate of naturalization in the world with this rate being as high as 85% and thereby the demand for becoming citizens of this country has gone up by 30%.

With an effective process in place the country has been able to secure the dreams of many foreigners who come here for becoming a permanent part of the nation.