New Canada International Student Program effective June

This has been revealed by Canada government recently.

New norms for Canada International Student Program in June—Come June this year and Canada will have new rules for its International Student Program. As per the information, new rules are aimed at offering better access for foreign students wanting to study in Canada.

Canada’s International Student Program will be governed by new rules from 1st June, 2014.

What are new rules for Canada International Student Program?—The details show the following rules from 1st June, 2014—

• Foreign students will have to pursue their study in Canada actively.

• Part-time off campus work will be allowed to full-time foreign students having enrollment at any designated institute during their study. And full-time foreign students will also be allowed to work full-time without any work permit during their scheduled breaks.

• Canada study permits shall be issued only those applicants who have gained acceptance for studying at any designated learning institutes.

Meaning of pursuing study course actively—Well, by the term actively pursuing studies, we mean to say any foreign student needs to be enrolled in his or her studies and make progress towards the program completion.

Meanwhile, foreign students enrolled in any designated learning institute should have to provide proof of his or her academic status and enrollment if required by immigration officials.

The institute in which you are pursuing study course in Canada will be required to provide information about your academic status and enrollment to CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

Designated Learning Institute—Designation of post-secondary institutes for enrolling foreign students will be on each Canadian territory and Canadian province from 1st June, 2014.

It needs to be notable in this regard that a Designated Learning Institutes’s list shall get released on 1st June, this year.

You need to know that all secondary as well as primary schools in Canada are considered to be Designated Learning Institutes in Canada and hence, are not going to feature on the list.

Who can get qualified for Canada study permit—As per new rules from 1st June, 2014, any foreign student who has received an acceptance letter from any Designated Learning Institute will be considered to be qualified for a Canada Study permit.

Off campus work in Canada for a foreign student—Full time foreign students in Canada will be allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours weekly during the period of regular academic year. And full time work will be allowed during scheduled breaks(regular breaks).