New Canada immigration program welcomes skilled trades foreigners

This has been revealed by Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney.

Canada’s fast-track immigration for skilled trade foreigners—With effect from 2nd January, 2013, Canada will start its new skilled trades immigration program for welcoming foreign skilled trades people. This will be done by launching a new immigration stream for coming to Canada, stated Kenney.

Canada is going to start a new immigration program from January 2013 for skilled trades foreign workers. It will allow fast-track immigration to skilled foreign workers in high demand in Canada.

Speaking about the new skilled immigration stream by Canada immigration department CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada), Kenney said immigration process of Canada has been almost closed to skilled foreigners in high demand in the nation.

Hence, the new skilled trades immigration stream will facilitate Canada in addressing the growing shortage of workforce in different regions of the nation leading to economic growth, Kenney quipped.

Canada’s new immigration system will work not only for the betterment of Canadian economy but also for the newcomers, added Kenney.

The changes were overdue for quite long time and will work towards making immigration system of Canada more fast and flexible, he clarified.

Which are the eligible occupations under Canada’s new skilled immigration program?—

Canada’s new immigration program for skilled trades people will be meant for fast-track entry of—

• Welders;

• Electricians;

• Pipefitters;

• Heavy-duty equipment mechanics;

• Transportation jobs;

• Other skilled trades people.

The full list for various skilled trades occupations will be announced shortly.

Requirements for new immigration program—

Applicants will be required to –

• Have an offer of job or employment in Canada or a qualification certificate from either a Canadian province or a Canadian territory for ensuring that applicants do get jobs after arriving in Canada;

• Fulfill a basic language criteria;

• Have at least two years work experience as a skilled trades person in order to make sure that the concerned applicant does have relevant and recent practice as a qualified journeyman;

• Possess experience and skills matching those laid out in NOC B(National Occupational Classification) system giving a proof of having performed required duties of the occupation.

Canada to admit 3000 foreign skilled trades people—Canada will be allowing 3,000 skilled trades people in the first year of the launch of its new immigration program. This will ensure that processing times are kept to a minimum.