New Canada immigration points system 2013

This has been announced by Canada immigration department—CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) for selecting the best foreigners under skilled worker visa program.

New Canada immigration points calculator—We, very well, know the growing popularity of Canada among foreigners wanting to live and work here.

Hence, in a bid to help attract and invite only the most suitable foreigners to come to Canada as skilled workers, Canada has announced a new immigration points calculator.

New Canada immigration points calculator will become effective from May this year.

What is Canada immigration points calculator?—Well, its an analyses based on the points awarded to skills mentioned on the form. This points calculator will be able to find whether any foreigner wanting to come to Canada under Canada Skilled Worker Program is eligible or not.

Canada’s new points calculator system is aimed to immigrate only those foreign workers whose skills will help them get suitable jobs after Canada immigration. And the priority will be to young, langauge proficient and foreigners having Canada work experience for successful and easy integration.

As per the latest changes, the government has fixed the minimum requirement of score at 67 points. And any aspirant of coming to Canada as a skilled foreign worker not getting the required minimum 67 points will not be allowed to immigrate.

Aim of new Canada immigration points calculator—Canadian government wants to bring an increased number of skilled foreigners to the nation for getting jobs in accordance with the skill sets possessed by them.

Hence, the government has made the introduction of this new points calculator to judge the employ-ability of the concerned applicant in accordance with the skill-sets in demand in Canada.

Factors for determining Canada immigration points calculator eligibilty—

• Age;

• Langauge skills;

• Education;

• Work Experience;

• Adaptability;

• Qualification of the partner;

• Foreign employment exposure;

• Arranged employment.

Language skills, youth, Canada work experience-priority of new Canada immigration points calculator—Canada has clarified tha the minimum score of 7 points will be essential in the Canada Language Benchmark(CLB) or Niveau de Comptence Linguistique Canadian(NCLC) in order to be eligible for Canada skilled worker program.

25 points will be awarded for education qualification(no change in such points). The lesser will be the scores with increase in age. Hence, the preferable age must be between 18 and 35 years.