New 25,000 Canada visas for skilled foreigners

This has been announced by Canada government in a latest development. This simply means an increase of five times in the number of Canada visas under Skilled Worker Program of Canada.

New 25,000 Canada visas—Want to get the best of a new announcement? Canada beckons you. Yes, its quite true. Canada has recently announced 25,000 new Canada skilled visas for foreigners wanting to come and work in Canada.

Canada has announced new 25,000 Canada visas under its Skilled Worker Program.

New visas effective from 1st May—The best thing is that the new additional 25,000 Canada visas for skilled foreign workers have become effective from 1st May, this year. 50 listed occupations are there with each occupation having a threshold of a total of 1,000 applications.

Software engineers, accountants, financial managers others welcome—If you happen to be a software engineer, an accountant, a financial manager, a computer technician or a medical professional or an auditor, then you are a right candidate for applying under Canada’s Skilled Worker Program.

In addition, lecturers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineering technicians, technologists, information system and database analysts, university professors are also welcome to apply under SWP.

Meanwhile Canada has announced removal of occupations including chemical engineers, medical laboratory technologists, cardiology technicians, computer engineers, engineering managers among a few others from the new occupation list of its skilled worker program.

Special streams for job offer holders—For those who have existing offers of jobs from eligible Canadian firms or those who are PhD holders, there are special streams under this Canada immigration program.

For PhD applicants, there are 500 positions under the program. No caps are there for applicants having valid offers of jobs in Canada. It is advisable to apply as early as possible for avoiding any disappointments later on.

That’s because Canada Skilled Worker Program is one of the most popular immigration streams allowing aspiring immigrants to come and work in Canada on the basis of their skill sets needed in Canada.

Eligibilty criteria—

Well, the critieria for getting qualified for making an application for FSWP is having –

• A minimum of one year continuous(full-time) paid work experience in the period of last ten years in any eligbile occuaption.

• And the experience needs to be demonstrated or proved.

• Also, a language proficiency level in English or French needs to be demonstrated for language ability. The test scores should fulfil the standards of the CIC.