Need for encouraging foreign postgraduates to stay

This is keeping in view the vital contributions of international education sector to the nation.

Retain foreign PhD grads in Australia--After all, Australia is spending a huge amount of funds on the training and education of international students. And once, they complete their advanced education, there seems to be no charm in letting them move away from Australia and become a tough competition by returning to their native nations.

On the other hand, Australia must work towards encouraging these foreign postgraduate, especially those with PhD degrees, to stay in Australia to make positive contributions to the nation’s economy and to make the nation globally competitive.

Australia’s international education sector- source of big revenue—Australia’s international education sector happens to be a source of revenue for the nation. Every year, a large number of foreigners come to Australia on Australia student visas to study here.

A significant proportion among these foreigners includes those who have come to earn PhD degrees from Australia. And while living and studying here, they not only learn relative education qualifications but also develop great skills and learn about Australian values and ways of life.

So, by having such foreign PhD graduates remain in Australia, the nation can earn significantly from their expertise and their research. But, if the nation does not bother to keep such talented and Australian trained research grads within the nation, then it is going to loose these foreign talented immigrants to other nations including the US.

Need for reviewing Australia student visa program-Australia needs to introduce suitable reforms in its student visa policies. Australian government must relax its student visa requirements in a bid to control the downward trend in the number of international student visa numbers and to retain international students leaving Australia after earning PhDs in this nation.

Moreover, the nation must also work towards fast-tracking immigration for the best talented foreign students who can contribute towards betterment of the Australian community. Only then can Australia look forward to attaining a place in the global competitive market.