Nearly 1000 undocumented immigrants employed by NHS contractor in the UK

These undocumented immigrants in the UK are said to be employed illegally by one of the largest NHS contractors. The audit by the UKBA (UK Border Agency) on some health service contracts with South England’s ISS Medicean revealed that almost 8 percent of the staff was working illegally. 

It is being said that forged or fake documents were being used by undocumented immigrant workers hired by an NHS contractor at nearly five different sites. 

UK immigration officials found that out of total 1,500 workers employed in catering, cleaning and security at five hospitals, 8 percent did not have the legal right to live and work in the UK. Presently, ISS Medicean has nearly 10,000 such workers on rolls. 

The audit by the UK immigration department’s home office was undertaken following reports of a few undocumented workers employed as ISS staff at Kingston Hospital in Surrey. Three employees were found to be involved in ID card fraud and were later prosecuted. 

However a surprising thing about this whole incident of undocumented immigrant workers employed by ISS is that the firm had completed various routine checks like national insurance numbers and UK passports which are considered as valid proof by the UKBA. 

Reiterating its genuineness in recruitment of staff, the ISS said that it has been working in accordance with the guidelines of the UKBA to avoid hiring staff without possessing valid documents and UK visa. 

According to the LSE (London School of Economics), there could a total of 400,000 to 600,000 illegal immigrants working in the UK without possession of legal UK visa. 

Companies in the UK found to be hiring undocumented immigrants are at risk of huge fines if caught by officials of the UK immigration department.