Nearly 1 million job openings in BC by 2020

And the good news for aspiring immigrants to Canada is that BC(British Columbia) will have to hire foreigners with requisite skills to fill majority of such job openings in BC.

1 million job openings in BC by 2020—By the year 2020, BC will have around 1 million new job openings. And as per the deputy jobs minister of BC, foreigners will have to be recruited for filling a large percentage of such job openings in BC.

BC will witness nearly one million new job openings by the year 2020 and majority of such job openings will be coming in the next three years period.

Details of the job openings—Now, let us see the details of these new upcoming job openings in the coming couple of years. As per the details, around 47 projects are on the records in BC, states Dave Byng. And two streams of job openings will get created namely—operations and construction. While operations jobs are going to be online and long term in nature, construction job openings are stated to be temporary jobs(coming in the year 2016 or so).

Great scope for overseas workers—BC will have a great demand for foreign workers for filling a large number of these BC job openings. Its being stated that Canada will not be able to fill all such jobs by recruiting Canadians. Hence, the only solution in such a scenario will be to look to foreign workers for filling BC job positions, Byng affirmed.

Temporary foreign workers looking to come, live and work in BC will have a good chance to do so, thanks to the upcoming BC job openings. Hence, BC will require access to temporary foreigners willing to work in BC, he maintained.

New Canada immigration rules to facilitate skilled workers—Skilled foreign workers wanting to come and work in BC will get facilitated by the proposed changes becoming effective next year, the immigration minister of Canada, Chris Alexander maintained. EOI(Expression of Interest) will become effective from 1st January, 2015.employers will be allowed to cherry pick skilled workers from the available pool of foreign workers.

Those with job offers in Canada will be welcomed in Canada. And BC will be allowed to increase its annual intake of skilled workers through changes to its PNP(Provincial Nominee Program). This was clarified by immigration minister Alexander.