NDP proposals will increase access to higher education

The education platform of the NDP has been welcomed by the Canadian Federation of Students.

Post-secondary education will become more affordable-–According to the National Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students, David Molenhuis, the education platform of the NDP (New Democratic Party) will make the post-secondary education in Canada more affordable. It will mean higher government funding for the higher education.

As per the proposals, funding for the higher education will go up by $800 million. Moreover, there will be an adoption of a federal post-secondary education act along with provision of a post-secondary education transfer payment aimed for making higher education in Canada more affordable through reductions and freezed in tuition fees.

Higher federal funding for student grants-–An increased funding of $200 million will be provided for student grants under the NDP proposals. Since tuition fees in Canada are already at whopping levels making the student community buried under a student debt worth more than $15 billon, such a vision is the dire need for higher education in Canada, Molenhuis added.

Every political party in Canada must make sure to focus on increasing affordability of higher education in the nation, he asserted. Nothing has been offered by the Conservative Party for addressing the concerns of the piling student debt crisis even though proposals for huge investments have been proposed by the New Democratic and Liberal Parties for increasing the university and college education more affordable, Molenhuis maintained.

Canadian Federation of Students happens to be the largest organization of student community in Canada representing nearly one-half million Canadian students in ten Canadian provinces.

The representative student body and its earlier organizations have been serving the interests of the students since the year 1927.

The education platform revealed by Jack Layton, the NDP leader, is a part of the five key priorities aimed for reducing Canadian families’ financial burden and for promotion of safer and a cleaner environment in Canada. Layton said his party will cost out and follow every step for achieving balanced budgets while providing services to the Canadians.