Myanmar launches e-visa from 1st September

This has been announced by Myanmar Immigration authorities.

Myanmar launches e-visa—E-visa has been finally launched by Myanmar this month aftera trial in August for a few applicants. The new online electronic visa process for foreign tourists will be a dream come true for many aspirants wanting to visit Myanmar.

Myanmar has announced introduction of e-visa for foreign tourist arrivals from September this year.

The best thing is that all applicants for Myanmar e-visa will be able to get their visas in a record span of just five days. Isnt it great! Yes, indeed. So, it will end the long and painful waiting period for getting Myanmar visas for visiting the nation.

Myanmar targets 5 million foreign tourists annually—By throwing open a new facility of Myanmar e-visa, the nation targets to welcome around 5 million foreigners to visit the nation. This was revealed by immigration minister of Myanmar, U Khin Yi, while speaking on the opening ceremony of the e-visa system.

As of now, e-visa facility is open for foreign tourists from 41 natrions including China, Singapore, Japan, North Korea to the US and the UK, Myanmar Immigration minister affirmed.

The cost of entry permit will have a validity duration of 28 days to those coming at the international airport of Yangon and will have a cost of US$50.

The processing time for Myanmar e-visa will be five days. It is, indeed, a very special moment for the nation and the nation is witnessing an improvement in the immigration process. Soon, the nation will be extending its e-visa facility to several other nations too, the immigration minister affirmed.

In the year 2013, around two million foreign visitors came to Myanmar, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism clarified. And more foreigners are expected to visit the nation this year. The tourism ministry sees e-visa as a vital strategy to boost foreign tourist arrivals in the coming years.

With the approval system taking only five days, holidaymakers are going to enjoy a trouble-free beginning to their trip. For this, applicants will be required to provide a color photo taken in the period of last three months and must have at least six months left on their passport.

Another point worth notable is that e-visa approval letter will have a validity duration of three months from the date of issue.

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