Myanmar to launch tourist e-visas September

This has been announced by the immigration department of Myanmar.

Myanmar Tourist E-visas from September—Come 1st September this year and Myanmar will be launching its E-visas.

As per the information available, the new E-visas will be for tourists only. This has been affirmed by the Ministry of Immigration and Population in a recent official statement.

New Tourist E-visas are all set to be introduced by Myanmar with effect from 1st September, 2014.

The tourists will get the facility of making an online application for Myanmar tourist e-visas.

Cost of new Tourist e-visas—E-visas for tourists wanting to come to Myanmar will be costing US $50. Meanwhile, the fee for visas may undergo some change, informed assistant director of the office of the ministry, Aung Thiha.

It has been further clarified that the tourists making an online application will be able to get their Myanmar visas within a period of one year.

And a point worth notable in this regard is that the visa needs to be used within a period of three months after the issuance of the visas. The validity duration of such Myanmar visas will be for 28 days(visit period).

Foreign tourists must make an application for an online E-visa for Myanmar at least 7 days before their planned trip to Myanmar.

It needs to be further notable that the cost of Myanmar visa obtained from an embassy overseas(not online) is US $30, affirmed the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. And the mode of payment is credit card.

Applicants will be forwarded a confirmation letter through an email following the processing of their application by the Ministry of Immigration and Population. This email confirmation needs to be presented to the airline and to immigration officials at Yangon International Airport by tourists along with passports.

Other online Myanmar visas to follow--Myanmar’s step to introduce tourist e-visas will pave the way for introduction of other categories of Myanmar visas online in the coming times.

The new move of online E-visas for foreign tourists wanting to visit Myanmar is aimed to luring more and more foreign tourists to the nation.

Around 3.1 million foreign tourists are the new targetted figure this year. And by the year 2020, Myanmar aims to bring around 7 million foreign tourists.

There are no Myanmar Business Visas available online as of now. Although, the government intends to issue such visas online in the coming times.

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