More US visas for medical professionals--Report

This has been revealed by the National Foundation for American Policy report.

More US visas for foreign medical professionals—The US needs to increase its annual intake for US medical professional visas.

The nation is in increased need for medical services due to the ageing population. Hence, it must make US immigration reforms to allow increased number of foreign medical professionals to come and work in the US, the report by a thinktank based in Virginia states.

Current US visa norms are making it difficult for a large number of foreign medical professionals wanting to come, live and work in the US.

Hence, the US must redesign its immigration rules for foreign medical professionals, states the report named ‘US Government, Heal Thyself: Immigration Restrictions and America’s Growing Health Care Needs’.

Demand for foreign medical professionals is growing in the US and the nation needs simpler immigration requirements to welcome more foreign medical professionals into the nation.

Increased US job opportunities for medical professionals—Job opportunities for medical professionals have witnessed an increase in the US. This has been due to ageing population of the country.

The US is likely to experience an increasingly high rate of job opportunities for medical scientists. This will be due to more and more people relying on use of pharmaceuticals in the US.

By the year 2020, the US will have nearly 36 percent growth in the employment opportunities for medical scientists.

Taking a clue from the increasing requirement for medical scientists in the US, many universities have already begun Master of Science in pharmacology and drug development.

What reforms are needed in US immigration –The report recommends following reforms to US immigration rules—

• Creation of a dedicated US temporary visa for foreign nurses;

• Increasing the total annual quota of US Green Cards for foreign medical professionals(as of now, 140,000 US Green Cards are allowed by the US each year);

• Helping qualification of more foreign doctors by expansion of the ‘Conrad 30 waiver system’;

• Re-design the licensing regulations for medical staff in US states to enable quicker registration and accreditation of foreign medical professionals in the US.

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