More US illegal immigrants enter through Canada than Mexico


The increase in number of illegal immigrants in the US poses a great threat to the country since these illegal aliens are connected with issues such as smuggling, identity theft, human trafficking, marketing fraud, and terrorism.

Canadian and American government had been working together for a long time in facilitating travel across the US-Canada border and as well as ensuring security. Since September 2001 Canada had invested more than $10 billion in border security and emergency preparedness.

 Ineffective security

Republican Senator Susan Collins and Senate Homeland Security chairman, Joseph Lieberman released a report stating that US- Canada border is having security gaps. They also specified that base on the special report from the US Government Accountability Office American and Canadian agencies does not have the capacity to detect illegal crossings of drugs, weapons and people along the border.

According to Lieberman the GAO report clearly shows that the defence of the northern border is nonetheless unacceptably ineffective. He said that “it’s weak, weaker than it should be and needs to be.”

Only 32 miles of the 4000 mile border has reached an acceptable level of security revealed by a study done by the Government Accountability Office. It is the only area that the federal government has control.

The remaining 3968 miles does not have the ability to detect illegal activity across the northern border.

 Higher terrorist risk in Canada than Mexico

Americans had always thought that Mexico is dangerous however the report stated that the Homeland Security department had concluded that it is actually the southern border that has the higher terrorist activity risk because Islamist extremist groups are more rampant in Canada than in Mexico.

Improving the security

President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper had agreed that both countries will enhance their security measures. Both leaders said they would maintain their nation’s sovereignty by working out their differences to enhance security and accelerate the legitimate flow of people, goods and services between the two countries.

While the parliament hill was being attacked for negotiating the border security agreement in secret and would potentially put Canadian sovereignty at risk, the business groups however are welcoming the development. The Canadian Council of Chief Executives stated that if the prime minister is willing to put his personal stamp and would engage the president on the issue, then there will be a great news and there might be a possibility of getting real progress on the issue.

Because in the current situation, if you are a terrorist, there is a pretty good chance when you will choose one in the 32 mile border, 99%  of your choice will not end up crossing the border’s secure areas.

  • sinophil49

    It does make more sense for a terrorist to try to enter the US through Canada than through Mexico. Mexico is a predominantly Catholic nation with few fellow Muslims to support wannabe terrorists. Canada is a more ethnically diverse nation.

    If entry of terrorists is actually more likely from Canada, then it is high time for Donald Chump to tweet about protecting Americans along the northern border. I wonder how the deplorable will regard building a 4000 mile wall on the northern border.

    • monica9

      Well Said, Perfect