More jobs included under Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NSPNP)

In a recent development the job category for Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program has been made longer by including 38 jobs in compered to the list 24 which was there before. This announcement was made by the President of Visa center and Chief Executive Officer.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program
This program is famous for accepting applications under the following streams namely:

Skilled Worker Stream
Regional Labor Market demand Stream
Family Business Worker

Facilitating the process

Along with the announcement came the assurance which says that the processing time of applications would be reduced, and the applications already submitted would be treated with great urgency.

An official informed that to speed up with the process of applications, a special email has been set and phone lines have been made to ensure that applicants can contact and they can be responded back without mixing this program with any other.

The convincing results
It has been informed that as many as 100 clients received second notice within a period of less than six months. And this is after the medical check, a process which generally takes four months to respond.

The criteria to be met
One should be holding a guaranteed job offer pertaining to the area which is identified as shortage of skills in Nova Scotia.
This offer should be permanent in nature and should be a full time vacancy, however, an employer has to prove that no Canadian is available or this job.
Basic knowledge of English and French is required.
Education of 12 Grade is the minimum requirement. Applicants in the age range of 25 to 60 years would be given preference.

The occupations under NSPNP
The latest Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program has been issued under Regional Labour Market Demand Stream. The aim is to pick up people who would be fitting into the skill shortage area and would be working for a full time vacancy.

People who can apply:
Managers in health care, retail and wholesale trade, restaurant and food Service.
Accountants and Financial Auditors
Financial officers
Engineers in the trades of Civil, mechanical, Electrical and Electronics and even Computers.
Consultants and Analysts belonging to Information System
Database Analysts and Data Administrators
Software Engineers and Designers
Computer Programmers and Developers
Mechanical Engineering technologists and technicians
Electrical and Electronics Engineering technologists and technicians
Technicians belonging to the field of Information Systems
Physicians with a specialization
General Practitioners and Family Physicians
Dentists and Pharmacists
Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists
Occupational therapists
Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses who are registered.
The list includes many more professions like Early Childhood educators, Psychologists, Chefs, Cooks, Contractors and Supervisors, electricians, welders, crane operators and many others.

The Immigrants fulfilling the criteria have a brighter chance of coming here. With reduced processing time and a longer list of occupations things look even brighter for them. All they need to do is to evaluate their eligibility and fill up the form correctly so that they can become a part of Canada.