More Indian students keen to study in Australia

Recent statistics show that there is a tremendous increase in number of Indian students aspiring to study in Australian Universities.

As after the assault incidents happened with Indian students during the previous years in Australia, due to which a decline was noticed in number of Indian students by the Australian Universities.

But now a high jump has been noticed by Indian students applying in for Australian Universities. The statistics show that during the last six months in the year 2011, it has been increased by 21 percent and applications around by more than 3700 students.

Since the environment has improved in Australia the government is looking to attract people from India. The government is providing assurance about the healthy environment in the country attracting the students as well as the skilled migrants from India.

These steps taken are likely to bring the boom in number of Indian migrants to the country. This is important for the Australia as India is in one of the top three that contributes it with skilled migrants.

Peter Speldewinde, the assistant secretary from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship said that the increase in number of applications is a positive step. The people are placing their trust in the country and willing to send their children to study in the country.

The increase has still to be notified to the educational institutions, as per the previous statistics it showed there is around 30 percent drop of Indian students by the end of March as when evaluated with the previous year.

To attract more skilled immigrants to the country they are expected to bring changes in the immigration system and will also increase the age limit to make it easy for the aspiring immigrants. As to fulfill the need of the skilled immigrants in the country, Australia is attracting workers from all over the world. They are also going to work to reduce the time lag of the aspirants coming to Australia.

Speldewinde comments on the situation that, “It doesn’t from the people are coming in, we want good and expert skilled immigrants to fill the vacancies in the country.”

Here the people and experts with high experience in sectors of engineering and medicine.

It is expected that there will be a significant rise in the number of immigrants to fill the vacancies and to as well as to study in its educational institutions.