More changes to UK immigration rules

Let us see the details of all these changes.

UK immigration department has announced a number of new changes to UK visa categories.

UK Tier 2 visa changes—Changes have been announced to UK Tier 2 visa rules. The UK will have longer visas for UK Tier 2 visa applicants.

• Changed Minimum Salary thresholds—The UK has announced new minimum income thresholds to become effective from 6th April, 2014. These minimum salary thresholds will be applicable to Certificates of Sponsorship assigned either on or after 6th April, 2014.

It simply means that in case any sponsor has assigned a Certificate of Sponsorship to any individual before 6th April, then the fate of application will get decided according to the lower salary threshold effective on 5th April, 2014.

• Five years Grants of Leave for UK Tier 2 Migrants—UK Tier 2 migrants making an application for entry clearance or for leave to stay under UK Tier 2(Intra company transfer-long term staff) or UK Tier 2(General) will be allowed to apply for getting a maximum grant of leave of five years at their first application.

Currently, the maximum grant of leave happens to be three years. For getting increased grant of leave, the application fee per person is £1,028(including each family dependant). Such a move will offer increased flexibility for sponsors as well as applicants.

• UK Tier 5(Government Authorized Exchange)—The UK government is creating a new scheme for foreign government language placements under the Government Authorized Exchange route. Language teachers will be allowed to have teaching placements at various UK institutes.

• Increased Maintenance fund thresholds for migrants and their dependants under Points Based System from 6th April, 2014.

Maintenance thresholds for Tier 1(General), Tier 2, Tier 5(Temporary worker) migrants will be £945 from the earlier £900 and £630 from the earlier £600 for dependants.

• UK Tier 1(Exceptional Talent)—A total of 200 endorsements will be provided to Tech City UK for endorsing applicants having exceptional talent in digital technology field.

Getting an endorsement from Tech City UK will allow the applicant to make a submission of his or her application for leave to enter the UK under the category of UK Tier 1(Exceptional Talent) migrant.

• It needs to be noted that the detailed information regarding this will be provided by the UK Home Office on 6th April, 2014 to help foreigners making an application for UK Tier 1(Exceptional Talent).