More Canada eligible jobs, job applications in Canada

As per the details, this new occupations list is for Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Trade Program.

Canada releases new occupations list—New occupations list has been released by Canada.

This new list is for eligible occupations under Canada Experience Class(CEC), Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP) and Federal Skilled Trade Program(FSTP).

Canada released its new list of eligible occupations for three immigration programs, namely Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Trade Program.

Giving further details, Rosalinda Dimapillis Baldoz, Canada Labor and Employment Secretary, said the number of eligible occupations have been increased for the three above named Canada immigration programs.

Also, the total number of applications to be accepted under these immigration programs has also been increased, the Labor and Employment secretary further affirmed.

List of new 50 eligible Canada occupations—Under the FSWP, aspirants of working in Canada can look forward to getting details of the new 50 eligible occupations list in Canada. This can bef found on Canada immigration’s official website(CIC-Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

FSWP–FSWP will accept 25,000 new applications with effect from 1st May, 2014. And 1,000 applications will be on each of the total 50 eligible occupations.

Under Canada PhD eligibility immigration stream, it will be accepting 500 applications. So, those having not less than one year work experience in any of the above stated occupations can apply.

Factors for eligibility under FSWP are language skills, age, adaptability, work experience, education and arranged employment.

In addition, a minimum of one year continuous full-time/equivalent paid work experience in the last ten years in any of the eligible occupations, must quality for any arranged employment, should have finished a doctoral degree in Canada or need to have completed not less than two years study in Canada towards a PhD.

FSTP–5,000 applications are going to be accepted by Canada under its FSTP. So, if you are qualified in any skilled trade, you can(as a foreign worker) become Canada permanent resident.

Its really a wonderful opportunity. 100 applications will be accepted under this immigration stream for each skilled trade(Industrial, electrical, construction traders, maintenance & equipment operation trades, supervisors & technical occupations in national resources, agriculture, relation production, processing, manufacturing, utilities supervisors, central control operators, butchers & bakers and chefs & cooks.

CEC—8,000 applications will be accepted.