More Asians oppose immigration than Britons-Poll

The poll undertaken by Searchlight Educational Trust shows that the percentage of white Britons showing anti-immigration is said to be 34 percent while that of Asians is stated to be 39 percent.

Nearly two-third of white Britons are of the view that immigration is disturbing for the nation.

Nearly 17 percent of Black Britons and 63 percent of whites consider as bad for the country.

And the number of Blacks who want a curb on immigration either forever or until the economy of the UK bounces back is stated to be 21 percent while the number of whites and Asians having the same view is said to be 34 and 39 percent respectively.

The survey is said to be among the largest on the subject of immigration and included 5,000 people who were asked 91 questions.

The survey findings are a big shock for the Labor government which had allowed uncontrolled immigrants into the nation.

The report also highlighted the likelihood of favoring a far-right party provided such party does not support fascist imagery and violence.

Attitudes of most of the people towards immigration is more or less shaped by their economic optimism, the survey showed adding that it’s the fear of employment and the economic welfare in the long term that seems to affect their attitudes towards immigration.

Nearly half of the UK population will likely support any new party which is anti-immigration and is committed to challenge Islamist extremism.

According to the author of the report, Nick Lowles, the survey shows that youngsters have an open attitude towards living in a society which is ethnically diverse.

The findings are a challenge to the common belief of people that Britons have greater tolerance levels than the other Europeans.

The report asserts that its lack of political articulation of the views of Britons that seems to fuel such views. The report also shows that campaigners for anti-racism are not in touch with the opinion of the people on issues like race and identity.

And it sends an open warning to the dangers awaiting us in the future times if the parties don’t take care to address the issues properly, Lowles added.

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