Mexicans can enter Canada with ease now: Visa requirement still in place

Federal government is all set to ensure a faster entry of Mexicans. There is no scene of scrapping visa system, which has been a reason for strained relationship between the two countries.

The new program

Chris Alexander, Immigration Minister informed that the processing of visas would take much less time than before under the new program designed by the Harper government. The program would be named as CAN+.

A pilot project has already been run when more than 90% of the applications were approved within 7 days.

The program would yield benefit to almost half of the Mexican population travelling to Canada.

After the success of the pilot project the program now is going to become a permanent featuring national immigration policy.

Advantages of new program
Chris Alexander said that the new program would strengthen the relations with NAFTA partner apart from leading to economic growth.
Visa officers would be relived off the responsibility of Mexican applications; rather they can focus more on other applications.

Between January and April of 2013 more than 30,000 visitor visas were issued to Mexicans. A large number of student visa and work permits were issued to them as well.

With the introduction of a fast tracking process, the Government aims at curbing down the false claims for refugee protection.

There has been an increase by 20% in the number of Mexicans entering the country, only from the time the pilot project has been launched.

The response
President of Mexico has welcomed the change though he shows his eagerness to have a discussion on the issue of lifting the requirement of visa.

Mexican Officials may get a little disturbed to know that Canada is planning to lift visa restriction from some other places like Chile.
President of Tourism Industry Association of Canada welcomes the decision, but also adds that lifting this requirement would be another good thing for both the countries.

Due to “visa issue” the strain continues between the two nations. In fact Mexican President apparently cancelled his trip to Canada, scheduled this June.

In spite of every effort put in by Mexican Officials there is no clear signal from Canadian Government on lifting the requirement of visa.

The possible reason for not lifting the visa requirement
Canada Border Services Agency published a report which says that Mexico is an entry point for many illegal immigrants entering Canada. And that could be a potential reason for the Government for not lifting the requirement.

Government on both sides is quite aware of a strong relationship existing between the two nations. However, Federal government is not prepared to lift the visa requirement because of the Mexican border being a source of entry for illegal entities. Therefore, the Government has launched and is happy with the working of fast tracking visa process for Mexicans. This plan has issued visas much faster than otherwise, hence it is going to be a permanent policy now.