Medicos in Georgia experience a delay in the licensing process

Hundreds of medical and health care professionals are facing a hazard in getting a license in Georgia. And, all this is due to the new set of immigration Laws enacted in US.

The new Immigration Law
The new law implemented in Georgia requires all the applicants to submit their citizenship proof when they apply to get the license renewed. The step is supposedly taken to combat the illegal immigration going on around. The submission of document as a proof of citizenship is not meant for any particular group; rather it is implied for all.

The aim of the new law was to improve the system of issuing licenses in a more organized manner. The aim was also to curb any illegal immigrant obtaining any license by eye washing the officials.

Almost 1300 medical professionals including doctors and nurses have expired their licenses due to delay in the process.

Discomfort for the applicants
The medical professionals are expressing the discomfort they face. They also have informed that their licenses have expired merely due to the delay in the process of renewal. With expired license they cannot even practice their profession till the time they get a new one.

The opinion forwarded by the license office
The license office of the state informs that the state is cutting on the budget; thereby the workforce has been reduced in these offices. In the absence of enough workforces they are not able to process the licenses on time.

The impact of the delay
The doctors and nurses in the state are sitting idle in the absence of a valid license. Those who have been holding one and have applied for a new one are waiting endlessly to obtain the license. Unfortunately, this wait is too long and in the meantime many of these applicants have crossed the expiry date if the license. Ultimately, they have to sit without any job.

The medicos have expressed a support for the previous system of issuing license. They strongly recommend that the immigration law which has been introduced newly is the sole cause of their expired license.

However, there are experts who safeguard the new immigration law and blame to the unavailability of staff in the license offices for the said delay.