Married by phone? Welcome to Canada

Marriages by webcam, phone or video chat have been on the rise in the last few years or so. And the good news is that such marriages are recognized by Canada immigration department.

Canada welcomes marriages by phone, webcam—Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) does give recognition to marriages conducted by phone, video chat or webcam. That’s because the point is that for a marriage to be recognized by CIC, it ought to be genuine.

It does not really matter how a marriage was conducted, whether it is a marriage by video chat, webcam or phone, the rules of Canada immigration maintain.

Marriage as per CIC—As per Canada immigration department Citizenship and Immigration Canada, any union recognized by the laws of the nation is accepted by the CIC.

So, any marriage having legal recognition as per the laws of the nation where it took place is acceptable in Canada, the CIC maintains.

The only requirement as per A16(1) is that applicants must be able to provide proof that the marriage is genuine and legal. And when asked by CIC officials to prove legality of your marriage, you need to know the law of the nation related to marriage (where the marriage took place).

Type of marriage as stated in the CIC manual

• Telephone marriage—In such a marriage, one of the partner is not present physically but takes part by telephone. Such a marriage is deemed to be legal provided its recognized by the laws of the nation where it was held.

•Arranged marriage—Such marriages are arranged either by a marriage broker or family members and are given recognition by CIC for immigration because they are deemed to be legal by the laws of the nation where they take place.

• Proxy marriage—One of the partner is absent and is represented by a proxy named by him or her. Such marriages are also deemed to be legal provided the law of the place recognizes it.

• Tribal marriage—Also known as customary marriages, they are legal for immigration purposes provided they are given legal recognition by the place where they took place.

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