Marriage Visa Can Be Your Best Bet When Student Visa Ends

The Scenario: The objective behind extending the stint might be continuing further education or to seek career options, or in altogether different probability, this immigrant has fallen in love with a native partner. In any of these scenarios, when visa extension or employment visa is not possible, marriage visa will be the most sought after document! If you are an individual aspiring for a marriage visa, you must have a thorough look at the questions that might pop-up before you actually start the process of application.

Terms and Conditions: As a first condition of this inter-national marriage, you should be having substantial evidences of your personal meetings within previous two years. Therefore, gather all those documents such as your hotel receipts, event tickets, phone bills, letters, photographs, emails, chats and all such evidences that could be collected, that demonstrate you interaction with him or her since beginning and prove how you carried over your relationship. Secondly, the petitioner has to be a citizen of relevant nation. At the time of filing visa application, neither of you could be married. In case a previous marriage has taken place, you must also submit the final decrees of divorce as issued by the court.

Better Be Safe: Obtain and retain documentation for everything from tentatively planning the wedding to looking for wedding reception halls, getting appraisals to buying the rings and talking the church for completing marriage proceedings. Plan everything with regard to your wedding except finalizing a date for marriage as a concrete date would only depend on the immigration officials who will process your case. And you know it well that your plans may go haywire if the immigrant spouse does not receive the desired visa timely. As a safe move, it is better to keep a tentative wedding date anywhere within the next one year. But the evidences you have gathered will be largely required not only during the process of visa but also in all further proceedings.

Legalities: As the last and important documentary evidence, you need to submit the affidavit of support agreement which protects the fact that you are financially strong to take care of your spouse in US, Canada, Australia or UK. This way relevant government ensures that the foreigner spouse will not and should not rely upon any financial assistance from local government and he / she will not become a ward of state. This way, marriage visa can be your best bet to continue your stay in the same nation.