Major reforms to Canada citizenship rules in 2014

This has been revealed by the Canadian government.

Crucial changes to Canada citizenship rules—Rules for Canada citizenship will be changed in the current year. This has been revealed by Canada immigration minister Chris Alexander.

Canada immigration minister has maintained that rules for gaining Canada citizenship will be changed in the current year.

As per the details, this will be done through a bill to be tabled in Parliament’s next session, added Alexander. This will be one of the first detailed reforms to Canada’s Citizenship Act.

It may be worth notable in this regard that the issue of ‘passport babies’ or ‘birth tourism’ will quite likely be targeted by the government during the latest proposed reform to Canada citizenship rules.

However, the government will not be touching the issue of whether or not to grant Canada citizenship to any person just because he or she is born in Canada.

Changes aimed to curb loopholes—Reforms to Canada citizenship rules will be aimed to eliminate any loopholes in the system, said Alexander. And ‘Lost Canadians’ will be ensured of Canada citizenship(those who have been denied Canada citizenship for any reason for years).

Any loopholes in the rules for Canada citizenship will be targeted through the latest changes. The minister, while giving more details about the changes, said many have been victims of injustice including children of war brides, or those who involved in other complicated circumstances.

Such people must not be barred from Canada citizenship. So the rules for Canada citizenship need to be reformed at the earliest, the minister clarified.

Stripping Canada citizenship from dual nationals, those involved in acts of terrorism—Dual nationals, those involved in acts of terrorism or treason will be targeted by the federal government through latest Canada citizenship reforms, Alexander said.

Immigrants will be required to wait for longer periods before getting qualified for Canada citizenship. However, those applying for Canada citizenship will have their applications processed faster.

The processing time for Canada citizenship applications is between two and three years. In order to make an application for Canada citizenship, one must have lived in Canada as a permanent resident for three out of the four years prior to their application.

Rules for Canada citizenship eligibility will also undergo changes to make sure those getting Canada citizenship have stayed in Canada to know about their nation and about citizenship.