Lower tuition for Colorado undocumented immigrants

Apart from Colorado, 13 other US states offer lower tuition fee to undocumented immigrants for attending college.

In-state tuition fees for Colorado undocumented immigrants—By approving the tuition bill for undocumented immigrants, Colorado has thrown open a gate of wide education opportunities. And this is something to cheer about for a large number of undocumented immigrants in Colorado.

The bill has been signed by Governor John Hickenlooper. Prior to the approval of this bill, undocumented immigrants wanting to pursue college studies had to pay as much as three times the tuition fee paid by Colorado residents.

Lower tuition fee for undocumented immigrants has become a law in Colorado.

Speaking about the move, Hickenlooper said it’s a first step towards US immigration reform. It is a dream come true to undocumented immigrant students in Colorado.

Who will benefit from the new bill?—Undocumented immigrants graduating from Colorado high schools and wanting to enroll in Colorado colleges will be required to pay in-state tuition rate paid by locals.

It may be worth notable in this regard that undocumented immigrants, before the bill’s approval, were not allowed to receive post-secondary education benefits(under the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, 1996).

So, the latest move by Colorado will benefit nearly 1,500 undocumented immigrant high school students graduating in this US state every year by enabling them to join higher college education at a lesser cost. In order to qualify, an affidavit needs to be signed by students stating that they seek legal status in the US.

Low tuition rates-a welcoming surprise—The undocumented immigrants in Colorado will be offered a path forward for making a bright career by offering them in-state tuition rate.

The message sent by this latest step seems to be clear—that the doors are open and the dreams have finally come true for undocumented immigrants, said one of the bill sponsor, Mike Johnston, while hundreds cheered at the occasion.

The bill named ASSET became a law this Monday and was greeted with cheers from hundreds of students at Metropolitan State University of Student Success Center, Denver. Now, its up to the students to do the work, Governor Hickenlooper said with a smile, who could not control his excitement over the bill’s approval. He did not hesitate to mention that education of every child is of great significance in order to bring out his or her capabilities.