Longer stay increases chances of failing Canada Citizenship test

You have higher probability of passing Canada citizenship test because immigrants who are in Canada for more than five years are likely to have lower pass rate in Canada citizenship test.

Longer Canada stay—failing Canada citizenship test?—Is there any truth in this saying? Well, yes. As per the latest government study, immigrants longer stay in Canada does appear to impact their chances of clearing Canada citizenship test.

Clearing Canada citizenship test by immigrants staying longer than 5 years in Canada is quite low, a recent government study states.

The longer the stay of an immigrant in Canada, the higher is the probability of his or her failing to clear Canada Citizenship test.

This has been revealed by a recent government report. And it further clarifies that rate of success on the compulsory knowledge test among immigrants with less than five years stay is consistently highest. The findings are by the internal Immigration Department report.

Proposals/changes to Canada citizenship rules–As per the current proposals for Canada citizenship for foreigners, the duration of residency is now increased to four out of six years from the three out of four years currently.

It also needs to be noted that CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) increased the language proficiency rules for those aged 18 and 54 years. The CIC maintained requirement of having approved results of English or French language/government language programs or academic studies either in French or in English.

Tougher language requirements—barrier for immigrants—Its been argued that immigrants who are not more exposed to French or English may find it more difficult to become Canada citizens due to tougher language rules.

Already, applicants from Vietnam and Sri Lanka have lowest rates of passing in Canada citizenship test(just around 67 percent and 70 percent). In contrast, immigrants hailing from China and South Korea have quite high passing rate, around 88 percent and 90 percent respectively.

Talking of Canada citizenship passing average rates, Ontario’s pass rate happens to be equal to the average rate of Canada. It needs to be notable that nearly fifty percent of all applicants for Canada citizenship stay in Ontario.

The success rate of Canada citizenship test noosedived to 72.6 percent in the year 2012 from the earlier 83 percent in 2011 when new tougher test questions and increased pass mark of 75 percent was introduced by the Canadian government.

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