Lodging complaint against fraud Immigration Consultants

At various points of time the government in Canada and USA keep announcing different programs for the benefit of Immigrants, mainly hose who have not come here quite legally and are staying illegally too.

Recently American administration has announced a consideration regarded as “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA).” This program enables some of the young immigrants who arrived here before they were 16 and now they are less than 31 years of age. Their deportation would be deferred for another two years if they have been staying continuously in USA and meet the above mentioned criteria. They will also be allowed to work.

These are the periods when scams are likely to grow in number. There are immigration consultants who in the name of facilitating the process take a lot of money and extract a lot many benefits from applicants.
No report has been reported against any consultant as of now on this announcement yet Attorney Generals have advised youngsters to be cautious of any consultant who assures them to get their approval done in turn of a huge amount of money.

Ways to avoid any fraud

• When you approach a consultant you must first find out if he is working legally or not.

• There are official websites which will help you out with the names of authorized lawyers, consultants and attorneys.

• There are attorneys who provide their services free of cost or they change very little which is affordable by all.

• No immigration consultant is authorized to give you legal advice; they can only persuade the immigration Service forms.

• You must get a contract signed by the consultant and it should be in both English and French languages.

• You are authorized to cancel a contract within 72 hours of signing. You can keep the original documents with yourself and give copy of the same to the consultant.

In spite of taking these measures if you still find that you have been cheated in absence of correct guidance, you can always lodge a complaint against your consultant

• You can file a complaint with the regulatory body of the consultants, lawyers and paralegals belong to.

• You can approach a licensed immigration consultant or a lawyer.

• IF the consultant does not belong to the nation you are presently living in, you can lie send a complaint to the country where the consultant belongs to.

The first and foremost measure you should adopt is to avoid any illegal consultant if you are caught in a trap then also there are ways of coming out of their clutches.