Limit of Canadian visas increased for provinces

The recent restrictions imposed on Canada immigration by Canadian government had attracted severe criticism from provinces including Alberta. 

The Harper government had announced introduction of an annual cap on immigrants coming to Canada under Canada provincial nominee programs.

Although Alberta had asked for 5,000 immigrants allowed to move to Canada under provincial nominee program, however, Canada government had given permission for 4,400 migrants allowed to immigrate into Canada.

Following restrictions by Canadian government on Canada immigration, several Canadian provinces are facing acute shortage of workers, thus, asking for increasing the limit on total immigrants allowed each year to settle and work in Canada provinces.

Hence, officials of Canada immigration have agreed Tuesday to increase Canada visas for migrants seeking Canada immigration each year.

In order to become eligible for getting Canada visa under the Canada provincial nominee program, the applicant needs to have offer of job in Canada before immigrating here.

Such immigrants are considered good for the economy since they are required to pay taxes in Canada immediately after their arrival in addition to filling shortage of workforce in Canada, feels Thomas Lukaszuk, Alberta Immigration Minister.

Moreover, allowing provincial nominee immigrants into Canada who already have jobs in Canada will not put undue strain on social assistance schemes in the country.

Allowing immigrants into Canada seems to be a viable solution for solving the issue of permanent labour shortages in Canada and is a right step, reiterated Lukaszuk.

So, as per the latest Canada government ruling, Alberta can now receive a total of 5,000 immigrants under the provincial nominee program while other provinces like Saskatchewan, B.C. (British Columbia) and Manitoba have been allowed 4,000, 3,500 and 4,600 provincial nominees immigrating to Canada each year.

The earlier limit for each of these Canadian provinces was 3,700, 3,200 and 4,600 respectively.

Speaking about the latest ruling by Canadian government, Alykhan Velshi, the director of communications for Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney said that the federal government will increase the limit of provincial nominees allowed into Canada annually.