Life is challenging for illegal Immigrants


Countries like USA and Canada are in great demand by the citizens of third world nations and even the other nations too. For the people of such nations it is a dream to be in Canada. In spite of tight security at the borders, immigrants sneak into the country illegally.

After entering the nation they face challenges galore. Some of them have been mentioned below-

Medical facilities denied

Illegal immigrants are denied of any medical coverage by the government. Any illegal immigrant filing a case against any such issue loses the same as the Federal Court denies any support to such immigrants.

Approximately 40,000 to 50,000 illegal immigrants are reported in Canada. In case of any emergency the patient is admitted and then he is asked to submit their provincial card number. In absence of this document, they are asked for private insurance and then a credit card.

In case none of the above mentioned documents are submitted by the immigrants then the department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada is informed and finally the person is deported from the nation.

Jobs denied

The illegal immigrants in Canada are denied of a job of good status. Most of the time they are found to be taking up jobs which are not proportionate to their skill or education. In order to survive they have to take up any job coming their way so that they can earn their living.

There are examples when an academician has to take up a job of a security to guard to support himself and his family.

School Admission denied

Children of illegal immigrants face a social trauma too. They are denied admission to government run schools as the parent is expected to submit Social Identification Number before admitting his child.

The private schools may offer them admission as the rules made by the private schools are formulated by them only. If a parent can afford the fee of a school, his child may be admitted to school but the sole discretion would be taken by the school authority.

Social Acceptance denied

Illegal immigrants might face a rejection from their neighbours and peers when people come to know about their illegitimate stay in the nation.

Illegal Immigrants face problems from all ends when they stay in a country beyond the legal regulations.  

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