Learn the process of evaluating your credentials

For all those who have obtained degree from an Institution outside Canada and have worked in a place other than Canada, need to get their credentials evaluated.

The evaluation has to be done against the standards of Canadian Institutions and work place. So even if you hold a work experience for a large number of eras, you may not qualify for the same category of job in Canada.

Educational Credential Assessment process

Students, Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) applicants and someone willing to take up a job in Canada would need to meet a process which will evaluate their education and work experience they have gained and acquired outside the country.

It is this process which wild determine their eligibility to enter Canada by making a comparison of their credentials. However, one must understand that a mere evolution is not the sole key to get an employment in the country.

The process can began even before you arrive in Canada.

The documents
You need to submit your degree, diploma or any other certificate if you own so that you can get them verified against the standards of Canada. This evaluation would be done by an organization authorized by CIC.

When you make an application
You will have to submit the original copy of the evaluation of your credentials, the apparition form itself and proof of your foreign credential.

Advantage of evaluation
• The authorities would get a clear idea of your success while your stay in Canada.
• Gap analysis for needing further training or education can be identified so that you can match up to the Canadian work experience.
• The job availability and your role into the same could be anticipated.
• An employer will be able to choose pick you in a better way.
A few points to remember
• You must get the evaluation done by only an authorized agent or person. The list of organizations is mentioned on the CIC website.
• You will be awarded points for your education based on this evaluation.
• Your qualification under Federal Skilled program would be determined with the help of this evaluation.
• Your education would be compared accordingly.
• For some professions there are specified organizations to make evaluation.
• The kind of documents you need to submit would be mentioned on the website of such organizations.
• You will get a break of cost involved with evaluation and even for further processes.
• The assessment report you get would only serve the purpose of making an application and in no ways does it guarantee you a job in Canada.

Working in Canada could be a dream for many, and the first step towards this would be to get the credentials checked by an authorized agency. Once you get an assessment report on your education and work experience gained on a foreign land, other than Canada, you can attach this report to your application form. It would help the scrutineer and the employer in Canada to match up your skills with a given vacancy and employ you accordingly.