Learn the process of becoming a Canadian citizen

Becoming a Canadian citizen is a dream by almost every immigrant reaching the country. There are certain regulations to be followed and certain steps to be taken to become one. Following the same could shorten the entire process of obtaining citizenship.

Learn the steps of becoming a Canadian citizen:
• The first step would be to get the permanent residency for which you should evaluate you eligibility. There are various ways to bone. You either needs to be a child of someone who is a citizen here or you have to go through one of the 60 programs offered by the country. One general note, you need to have a work permit or a job offer from an employer in the co8untry to get a PR. Else, you need to apply for getting one which could take even more than a year.

• The next step would be to evaluate and meet the residency criteria. An immigrant can apply for permanent residency status if he has stayed in the country for a minimum of 730 days out of last years. IF you are officially working out of the country for a business or a project then you may get some relaxation. Spouses of PR or citizens need not meet these criteria.

• To become a citizen of the country you need to meet criteria of being present in the country.

Meeting eligibility criteria
• An applicant should be above 18 years of age, for those who are under this age should get their forms applied by their parents.
• At the time of making an application for citizenship you must hold a permanent residency card.

• You should not hold any criminal record in y9our past; otherwise your application would remain disqualified.

• You must be proficient in any of the two official languages either English or French.

• You should have a thorough knowledge about the history, values and culture of the country.

Cautions to be taken
• Never lie in your application; you have to stay a minimum of 1095 days in the country out of last four years, if you down then never try to p0tu up false information. This would be caught when officials your tracking your history of stay in the country.

• To prove your proficiency in English or French you must submit a proof in the form of a certificate.

You must take the Canadian Citizenship test seriously. You must write a minimum of 15 correct answers out of 20, although earlier people were supposed to write only 12 answers correctly out of 20 of them. Be informed that the strictness in the test has raised the failure rate from 4% in 2009 to 15% in 2010.

• You must bring all he required document which could conclude the study related ones, the property ones and your employment ones too.
• The processing time for 20% of the applications has been more than 24 months and hence you need to be patient.
Meeting the criteria and being up to date with an all the documents and requirements is the key to become a Canadian citizen.