Learn English to live in the UK- Miliband to immigrants

Foreigners wanting to come and live in the UK must learn English, says the Labor Leader Ed Miliband, during his latest speech.

Learning English helps immigrant integration—Britain must work towards better integration of immigrants coming here. And this can be possible only if the nation demand higher levels of English from the newcomers coming to the UK, asserted Miliband in London.

Immigrants need to learn English to live and settle in British society but that does not mean immigrants should abandon their heritage and cultural roots.

Son of Jewish refugee parents from Holocaust, Mr. Miliband, the opposition Labor Party leader of Britain, asked the possibility of immigrants learning the language of their adopted nation. He made no bones by highlighting the fact that all foreigners must be expected to learn English.

And its not just the immigrants or the newcomers to the UK, in fact, everyone living in Britain must be required to learn English.

How can anyone call himself a Briton if he does not know English, questioned Miliband. So, its only by learning English that one can become a part of the British society, he stressed. Learning English helps in integration in British society, he maintained.

No English-no jobs in the UK—Miliband spoke openly during his speech that those who don’t know English will not be able to get public jobs in the UK. Learning English should be a requirement for anyone wanting to get taxpayer-funded employment in the UK, he stated.

Steps to help integration of immigrants in UK—The speech by Mr. Miliband marked a changed approach to immigration policies with special focus on efforts towards integration of immigrants in British society.

• More money will be spent by Labor to help immigrants learn English in the UK;

• Reduction in funding for translation services will be done for immigrants to cover the cost of their language classes;

• English speaking will become mandatory for getting public sector jobs including nursing;

Responsibility on immigrant parents to help their children learn English;

All these steps will ensure in making the UK a better integrated and a cohesive society, he affirmed.