Language proficiency takes over other experiences in New Immigration System

Government has revised the Immigration system for judging the skilled applicants. Ottawa has been following a system for the last one decade, which is likely to get changed a little. The key features of the changes under the Federal Skilled worker program are

• Emphasis will be laid on “language proficiency” of the skilled worker. The maximum allotted points were 24 before but now after the revision it will hold a value of 28 points. This is done as; the immigrants coming here find it easier to get a job and also to get adjusted well if they are proficient in English or French, these two being the official language of the country.

• The total qualifying or passing mark will be 67.

• Young people in the age range of 18-35 would be awarded 12 points. Those who are above 46 will not be awarded any points under this category. This is done because younger people will be able to stay for a longer period and contribute more to the productivity of the nation, whereas older ones would retire in no time of coming to Canada.

• CIC has proposed to reduce the points from 21 to 15 for work experience. The proposal is also to increase the years of experience from 4 to 6 now. The work experience outside Canada will not be given much of importance.

• The credentials and degrees earned by an applicant will be evaluated against the Canadian system so that the standards are maintained at par.

• Construction Industry has always been facing a shortage of labors. Hence the proposal is to create a “new federal skilled trade’s class.” This category would also be open to people from natural resources background like agriculture, chefs, cooks, bakers and butchers.

• The changes are proposed for Canadian Experience Class too. Here, Graduates form a Canadian University are eligible to apply. Somebody with work experienced of 24 months in Canada can also apply for permanent residency. Now the proposal is to change it from 24 months to 12 months. These applicants will have to meet other criteria as before.

With these changes, the government is making an attempt to organize things in a better way, both for the applicants and also for the nation.

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