Know more about Canadian spousal visa: Learn the recent changes

Someone who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in the country can sponsor his spouse or common law partner or conjugal partner or even dependent children for coming to Canada.

From August 1, 2014, the program experiences a little change in the eligibility criteria of dependent children. Earlier children up to the age of 22 were known to be dependent ones, but now those who are up to the age of 19 would be considered to be dependent.

Processing of application
One must be aware that processing would be done in two parts. In one part the Sponsor would be verified through various ways, and in the second part the person coming from a foreign land would be verified. It is important to know that someone having minuets of criminal record should be ready to get disqualified from coming to Canada.
The processing time may verify from the span of eight months to even 25 months, however, this is not the lower and upper limit, it could move beyond this as well.

Advantages of this program
The immigrants how enter through this program are allowed to work as an employee without facing any restriction.

The visa is not only issued for a comparatively longer period but is also a path towards permanent residency, enabling a person to apply for citizenship, later.

The kind of relationship that can be sponsored
• For marriages taking place in Canada, a marriage certificate would be enough as evidence; however, for the marriages happening outside Canada, it should be obtain validity from Canadian standards. Such an individual would be regarded as spouse of the sponsor.
• Same sex partner is also a kind of spouse immigration if the marriage certificate is valid and approved by the provinces.
• In case of common law partners for both same or opposite sex one has to submit evidence of staying together for a minimum of one year with each other.
• For obtaining visa for a conjugal partner one needs to prove the mutual dependence and commitment in the relationship. This could be applied for both same sex or opposite sex partners. The relationship must have been into existence for a minimum of one year.

The proof required
There has to be submission from both you and your spouse. The spouse who is sponsoring you should submit documents to show that your expenditure of coming, staying and even otherwise would be borne by him or her. You may also be asked to submit documents to prove that you will be taking financial support from your spouse who is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in the country. The sponsor should be above 18 years of age and should be financially sound to support the spouse coming to Canada.

Canada Spousal visa is always more advantageous than many other visas because it not only allows an immigrant to stay for a considerable period in the country, but also allow him or her to work.