Jobs for immigrants moving to Canada 2013

Relax and take a pause. We will give you all the information you need with regard to some of the best paying jobs in Canada. So, lets move on.

Pre-arrival steps for better settlement in Canada--Once you are firm with your decision to immigrate to Canada and begin your life afresh there, you need to know what are the most high paying jobs or employment in Canada to help you settle down there successfully.

It is well known that Canada is a land of wide opportunities. The need is to identify and find out job opportunities in accordance with our skills and qualifications for easier integration here.

Best paying sectors in Canada—Now, let us find out in detail about some of the most lucrative jobs in Canada that hold a bright future in the coming years too.

• Career in Natural resources—Natural resources sector is one of the most promising fields in Canada and this is especially true for newcomers coming to Canada. However, the only requirement is having some experience in this field.

As per the available figures, there is a requirement of nearly 9,500 additional workforce in petroleum sector of Canada by the year 2015. So, Canada will have a high demand for electrical engineers, heavy equipment operators, project engineers, mining engineers, instrumentation engineers, steam ticketed operators and mechanical engineering technologists in the coming years.

• Employment prospects in Health care Canada—Health care sector is among the other promising sectors for aspiring foreign workers in Canada. This means Canada is going to experience a big demand for health care professionals including medical technologists, nurses, occupational therapists and personal support workers among others.

Although salaries generally wary from one region or province to another, however, by and large, nurses having certified degree/diploma are able to earn anything between $38,000 to $58,000 in Canada.

And for medical technologists and occupational therapists in Canada, salaries are around $40,000 and between $40,000 and $80,000 respectively.

• Job prospects in Construction sector Canada—Construction sector of Canada is a booming sector with vast employment opportunities to those having three-five years apprenticeship training. The best thing is that one can earn and learn during apprenticeship training.

Individuals having a high school diploma are eligible for apprenticeship training. Salaries range between $22 and $29 an hour initially which can reach to $35 an hour after gaining some experience.

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