Jobless Immigrants should fight “Jobless stigma” to get settled

Longer unemployment periods decrease marketability of people–It has been found that majority of employers often question the skills of the concerned immigrant the longer he or she is out of work. That’s because employers believe remaining jobless for a longer duration decreases the marketability of the job seeker due to skills erosion.

Another common notion among employers towards the jobless individuals is that those receiving public assistance are not really interested in working.

However, this is not true. In fact, in the wake of recession resulting in economic crisis, many self-employed individuals are forced to close their businesses. In such circumstances, they are forced to apply for public assistance since they are not eligible for getting jobless benefits.

Longer unemployment leads to anxiety, depression—It has been seen that longer durations of joblessness among individuals, including immigrants, does result in higher anxiety levels and depression. This has been proved by the findings of a recent poll by a New York publication.

People develop low self esteem for being out of job. This means a feeling of worthlessness among them.

And the individuals seem to become almost indifferent for searching jobs or doing efforts leading to landing some work for them. So, the point worth consideration is what should the individuals do in such a situation which is becoming quite common in the times of economic slowdown.

Steps to be followed by job aspirants—

First and the foremost step is to keep in touch with activities related to searching work. This can be anything from browsing newspapers, visiting local job center, take part in job readiness schemes etc.

Staying positive is yet another vital step for jobless individuals looking to join the workforce once again. Although, it is not as simple as said, but it is a fact that potential employers do want to hire people having positive attitude.

• Stay connected—Staying connected socially is another factor going to help the job seekers struggling with longer periods of joblessness.

• Upgrade skills-Upgrading skills and qualifications is also needed for gaining an upper hand in landing a job in the employment market.

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