Job opportunities in Western Canada

This has been revealed by a recent report by Statistics Canada.

Jobs in Western Canada—Are you an aspirant of jobs in Canada?

Then you should aim towards Western Canada. Yes, as per a recent report by Statistics Canada, job opportunities are shifting towards Western Canada. So, for all those looking for jobs in Canada, the right thing is to immigrate to Western Canada.

Western Canada is likely to have increased number of Canada job opportunities in the times to come.

Booming Western Canada economy behind new job opportunities—The reason behind new job opportunities in Western Canada is the booming economy of Western Canada. More and more people are moving towards Western Canada.

An increasingly high number of foreign workers have made it to Western Canada to fulfill the growing demand for specialists in different sectors. And this has eventually led to increased requirement for workers in food services, education and healthcare sector in Western Canada.

Increased demand for workers in coming decades—As the demand is already up in Western Canada for workers in different sectors, the predictions indicate an even higher demand for workers in different sectors in the coming decades.

That’s something wonderful for those looking to immigrate to Canada for working there.

Alberta immigration—Immigration to Alberta has been witnessing an upward swing in the last year. In the year 2013, nealry 80 percent of new Canada jobs were in Alberta. And fifty percent of new Canada jobs were in Edmonton.

No wonder, its being predicted that British Columbia will soon be overtaken by Alberta in terms of population by the year 2038 by having a population of around five or six million(current population of Alberta is around 4 million).

And with highest growth rate in Canada(annual growth rate), it is, undoubtedly, one of the most sought-after Canada province by young workers.

BC immigration—Immigration has been a significant contributor for growth in BC population(British Columbia). And it will continue to be so in the coming times too. Saskatchewan immigration—Jobless rate in Saskatchewan is only 3.5 percent(lowest in Canada). And with a booming economy, its yet another place for immigration.

Manitoba Immigration—Manitoba will be attracting more and more immigrants in the coming times due to its booming industries and an unemployment rate of just around 5.4 percent.