Is it time to allow Ontario to have its own immigration program?

Looking at the drop in the number of skilled immigrants coming to Ontario, the province needs to set targets to attract skilled immigrants more and more in number.

The need of the hour
Employers in the province suffer a setback due to shortage of labors, and therefore, there should be a program to attract economic immigrants from a current number of 1,300 to 5,000.

The province has been complaining about the issue of not being able to fill up the vacancies due to which the economic growth is not reported to be that sound.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister of the province says that the other provinces get a proportion of 70% whereas Ontario gets only 50% of it.

Skill shortage in the country
Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander says that many parts of the country have acute skills shortages across various sectors.
This need has made the Immigration Department come with “Express Entry” program. This program would be offered through any of the four programs called “Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class and Business Class”.

An immigrant would be able to benefit through Provincial Nominee provided a given province or territory has brought the program under Express Entry.

Recommendations for the province
There is a long list of 32 recommendations to ensure an effective system. The new program could be quite similar to that of Quebec.
A recent report released says that there is a need of attracting more than 130,000 new immigrants in a year.

Economic Development Minister, Eric Hoskins says, “The province needs immigration to remain competitive in today’s global economy.”

Immigration program for the province
There are provinces like Quebec which have implemented their own immigration program and have benefited largely from the same. In order to target new skilled immigrants from abroad, the provinces have been organizing language classes on French and English.
Ontario can also try a program similar to this and hence come up with a program which could socially, economically, and politically beneficial for it.

Experts believe that Ontario needs to have its on immigration program. The population of Ontario is almost 67% higher than that of Quebec, yet the intake of immigrants is much lower, when compared the two.

On one hand the Canada’s immigration has been observed to be stable, whereas Ontario’s program has come down from 50 %( which was almost 10 years back) to 38% now.

When you look at these figures for other provinces you will see that there has been slight growth in the number of immigrants.
Labor shortage has been an issue for most of the provinces of the country. However, there are many of them who have the authority to control an immigration program of their own, but, Ontario lacks this facility. The shortage of labors, and decrease in the number suggest that Ontario needs an immigration program tailored according to the need of the province. This would rather be beneficial for various sectors and employers present in the province.