Ist Federal Skilled Worker Occupation Caps Out, 49 still Open

Yes, but the good thing is that 49 occupations are still open. So, all desirous applicants for Federal Skilled Worker Program need to apply at the earliest to get the advantage of being selected under the eligible occupations.

First occupation cap reached, 49 still open for FSWP—Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP)’s first eligible occupation has already reached its annual quota of 1,000 applications. But, for the information of all aspirants for FSWP, its being maintained that 49 occupations are still available. So, its right time to apply now for FSWP.

Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program’s first eligible occupation has reached its limit, but still, 49 occupations remain open.

No more applications for computer programmers, interactive media developers—Canada has announced that for its FSWP, it will, no longer, be accepting any more applications from (NOC 2174) computer programmers and interactive media developers for this year. Meanwhile, foreigners are invited to apply for other occupations, i.e., 49 other remaining occupations.

Especially those wishing to apply for NOC 1112—Financial and Investment analysts must apply at the earliest since the annual cap is almost reaching. Apply now—All desirous applicants need to get their papers ready and submit the application before the annual cap for the occupations gets reached. The applicants need to have work experience in the chosen eligible occupation they wish to apply.

Eligible occupation capped out?—Well, if the eligible occupation you wanted to apply under FSWP has been capped out, you need not worry. You have other choices too for Canada immigration.

Lets see these in detail— Overlap of occupation descriptions under FSWP—In few cases of eligible FSWP occupations, titles and/or duties might overlap throughout different codes of NOC(National Occupation Classification). So, you need to check which eligible occupation is still available for you.

Having work experience in any other occupation—If you have work experience in any other occupation that may not be your recent or current occupation, then you still can apply.

Job offer from Canada employer—If you have a valid offer of job from any Canadian employer, you are not bound by any cap on the eligible occupation. That’s something great.

PNP—Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) enables Canada provinces to offer nomination to foreigners wanting to immigrate to Canada and settling in a specific Canada province. And each province has its own PNP.