Issues that won’t bust visa Applications

Bad or Low Credit Position of an Immigrant:

Generally it is considered that bad credit or low credit conditions may affect the visa application. In case an immigrant is here in the country on basis on temporary basis as a professional immigrant under H-1B category and have applied for permanent residence status and have also purchased a house in the country but is not able to pay as per decided norm and this will automatically affect the credit position of the person. Answer to such a condition the experts tells low credit position will have no impact on the already applied visa application straightway. The credit problems are no way related to the permanent residence application. So even having bad credit position is a no busting situation for getting the permanent residency.

Duration of Stay in the country:

In case if an immigrant has an I-94 Arrival and departure papers states the one is eligible to stay till certain period of time say June 2012 but the H-1B visas expires before it, that may lead to the confusion, till what to the maximum one can stay in the country.

To this query experts states that if the immigrant can maintain standing on H-1B worker, the immigrant can stay up to the highest time mentioned in the arrival and departure papers. As the visa is considered as an entrance and a person can stay till it expires or should get renewed if they have further plan to stay.

Child Status Protection Act:

There is also general unawareness about the Child status protection act and how can one CSPA benefits amongst the immigrants who have recently come to the country.
To this experts clarify that CSPA are the for those children who are age out due to the immense processing delays by the U.S, Department of state or USCIS, hence to provide them benefit such a scheme was thought off. The government in these cases wanted to make sure the child should not left vacant due to the governmental or departmental issues as just because they turn 21. To secure such a benefit there is no as such prescribed form but in case if someone has gone unnoticed by the USCIS or the Department authorities, in such situation it is advisable to intimate the considering authority through a letter making them aware about the whole situation.

Immigration Frauds

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Money Matters

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CIC Announcements

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 11:06

With the launch of Express Entry in 2015 January, the country aims to reduce processing and wait time for skilled immigrants. This is also observed as an effort to control any kind of ill practice adopted by the employers. Precisely, the objective is to ensure that a job vacancy is offered to the Canadian employee first and only then it should be forwarded to any immigrant...