International students benefit from International Experience Canada

No wonder, Canada Experience Class is a dream come true for foreign students in Canada.

Canada Experience Class boom for international students—Also known as CEC(Canadian Experience Class), this is a noteworthy step in making the immigration process of Canada more welcoming and beneficial for foreign students. Its not only foreign workers who can gain from CEC, the program is a welcome relief for foreign workers wanting to come, live and work in Canada.

Canada Experience Class helps international students live and work in Canada after successful completion of their study here rather than return back to their native nations and apply again for Canada immigration

Nearly 20,000 Canada visas issued—The launch of CEC led to an increased number of Canada visas issued to international students as well as foreign workers wanting to come and live in Canada. This program allows foreigners to come, live, work and gain Canada permanent residency.

And this is an opportunity which no one wants to let go away.

CEC—Launched to streamline Canada Permanent Residency application process for foreign students and immigrant workers in Canada, the program is a great success. The target is to grant nearly 10,000 Canada visas in the year 2013. This shows an increase in the annual quota for the year 2012.

A point worth notable in this regard is that prior to the introduction of CEC, majority of foreign students had no option but to make an exit from Canada since they were not allowed to stay in Canada permanently.

And if they wanted to stay in Canada forever, the only choice before them was to make a fresh application for Canada immigration and wait for their turn. And this could mean several months or even years before getting a Canadian visa.

Eligibility for CEC—Following is the eligibility criteria for CEC—

• Foreign students need to successfully complete a study program of a minimum of two academic years at any Canada post-secondary institute;

• They need to fulfill Canadian level benchmark 5 or 7(depending on the job level in Canada);

• They need to have a minimum of one year experience in Canada in skilled, technical or professional work within 24 months of the date of application.