International Student Visa rules tightened in Ottawa

Federal government has noticed that international students come here on student visa and then they don’t enroll in any of the schools in Canada. These students either get admitted to a substandard institute or try to be a part of the labor market of Canada. Hence the government has decided to tighten the rules so that human smuggling and fraud visas can be curbed. The whole affair of human smuggling has maligned the image of the nation.

Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney informs that there are criminals involved in the process who continue to do illegal work by bringing people from outside. He also informed that Canada is the only country to get tighter on the student visa rules whereas its counterparts have already implied tighter rules.

Kenney informed that provinces will be asked to submit a list of credible institutions so that the fraud ones can be dealt harshly. This will also enable the student visa program.

Kenney also says, “Our broader concern is to ensure the integrity of the student visa that we issue.”
After this statement it is quite clear that the names or schools which are not their on the list will be barred from accepting any international students. Also, students will be given visas only after they enroll themselves for a course in an institution which is listed by the provinces.

Also, the course a student enrolls in has to be longer than six months. If someone is enrolled into a course for shorter duration six months will not be given visa.

The other important feature of the rule is work permit which will be given to only those students who have valid visas and will be joining part time jobs off the campus, which is mainly designed for international students.

Henceforth, foreign students will not be allowed to work as dancers or escorts. The counterparts of Canada like Australia are likely to get tougher on student visas looking at the human smuggling happening on its ground. United Kingdom is already up with the task as it faced a huge problem of such smuggling and fraud visas.

Most of the stakeholders have supported the changes whereas some have concerns like bearing the expenditure of monitoring the process. The Federal government is still not clear about the allowance of monetary support to the Provinces for implementing the changes.